AD POD Guide

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Q:  What's an Ad Pod?
A:  An ad pod is a hyperlinked image that we can put on the screen during a webinar to communicate your call to action and enable participants to click through to any URL you've set up to facilitate our members' engagement with you.

Q:  How long does it remain in view?
A:  Throughout your entire event and throughout every recording view.
Q:  Wow - So it's a one-hour long impression?
A:  Basically, yes.  However long your webinar is, the ad pod remains in the viewer's field of vision the entire time.
Q:  I've been told our recording remains posted in your site "forever".  So we might be getting clicks a year or two from now when a new person watches the recording?
A:  Yes, or even longer.  And remember:  Every month we gain between 1,200 and 2,000 new members*.  (This is one of the reasons you want to promote the link to your recording regularly for long after your live event.)

Q:  How many clicks do ad pods get?
A:  As with any ad, it depends on how compelling your message or offer is. Usually, between 26 and 44% of participants click.  But we have had results as high as 77%.  Note the info below on how we will effectively "click for the participant".
Q:  What about conversion rates?  i.e. how many enroll in the offers after clicking the ad pod?
A:  That data is collected by the sponsor of the ad pod and, again, is dependent on all the things all ads depends upon.  How compelling is your offer?  How easy is it to participate?   

Q: What's the cost?
A:  Ad pods are $1495.  Not bad for one-hour impressions for eternityWe click for the participant:  During the webinar - usually just before your final Q & A - we will provide a very special service.  We will open your url on the desktops of the participants (the url your ad pod is linked to).  So, we're no longer trying to persuade our members to click.  Whenever possible, 100% of your participants and recording viewers will have your page open on their desktops.  (A few may be blocked.)  They'll have to look at your page even if just to close it.

Q:  What format do we submit our ad pod in?
A:  Ultimately, the ad pod is a shrunken PowerPoint slide, so you can submit it as a PPT.  Or, if you have an image that seems perfect already, we can try using that image.  Usually, ad images aren't the right ratios though.  For example, a 300 X 250 px banner ad won't fill up a 16:9 ratio ppt slide.  Follow the size recommendations below and it will be fine.  Keep in mind:  People will view the webinars and recordings on all sorts of devices, large and small.  Only about 10% view most webinars on mobile, but if those are prospects for you, don't let your text shrink so small they can't read it.  Use 60 - 72 pt.

Q:  When is my ad pod due?
A:  Two weeks before your live webinar at the latest.  We need time to upload it, give you feedback and time to revise, re-upload it, etc.  We want to get it just right for you.  We suggest sending it along with (but as a separate PPT from) your sponsor's slide.

*TMN new members per month:  1200-2000+;   SMM:  around 300 new managers, execs, etc. per month

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